A Community Hydro

Glenachulish Hydro will be owned, built and operated by the community in the form of investors (members) of LEG Power Lochaber Limited – a community benefit society. LEG Power Lochaber will fund the scheme by issuing a public share offer inviting members of the public to invest in community shares and receive a return on the investment through member share interest.

The surplus profits from the scheme will benefit the communities of Lochaber and will ensure the sustainability of Lochaber Environmental Group and its environmental projects with a small grant being offered to the communities of Lochaber.

Lochaber Environmental Group

The surplus profits generated by the LEG Power Hydro will be passed to Lochaber Environmental Group (LEG) who work to preserve, conserve, and restore the environment of Lochaber for the benefit of the local communities.

LEG is a registered Scottish Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. It runs various projects throughout Lochaber. See Current Projects page on their website for more information about our Climate Challenge Funded project – Low Carbon Lochaber, the Bike Kitchen, Cycling Infrastructure in Glen Nevis and Food Lochaber.

As resources are identified new environmental projects will be added to LEG’s portfolio.

LEG also provides education for Lochaber residents in the study of the environment and of waste management, facilitating training, and sharing advice and information.

LEG has a wide membership of individuals and businesses across Lochaber and always welcomes new members and volunteers. For more information contact Lochaber Environmental Group (LEG) on 01397 700090 or through our website Lochaber Environmental Group